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Follow the story of a precious gift, given long ago by a remarkable woman whose strength, love and courage sustained her family through hardship.

All That I HadTM is a true story of real abundance that crosses generational lines. This moving memoir will stay with you long after you have read the last page!

An easy read, this true story is written for readers who seek meaning in their lives & who long for a deeper truth during a time when inspiration is in short supply.

Meet Kathy…

Kathy Corse, a successful, top-performing sales executive, has devoted her life and love for people to building teams, growing leaders, and serving customers. Her warm personality has made her a sought-after motivational speaker for large audiences. Upon her retirement, she has fulfilled her dream of writing All That I Had to inspire readers to create a more rewarding and abundant life.

Touching and Heart-Warming

Readers say…

Such an inspiring and heartwarming story

All That I Had is such an inspiring and heartwarming story. Catherine’s strength, integrity and deep selfless love for her family is touching. She sacrificed so much and yet never gave up. A must read for any parent and all women.”

-Beth Beach

(Retired Elementary Teacher)

I bought five more copies for friends.

“This beautiful story of love & sacrifice touched me so that I bought five more copies for friends. They enjoyed All That I Had as much as I did. Going through a difficult time myself, the message gave me such comfort.”

-Brenda Obergefell


What lessons we can all learn from your words!

“Your book is just precious. What a very special story and what lessons we can all learn from your words! How I wish my sister was here, she would have loved it!”

-Nancy Byce

(Executive and Friend of the Family)

Book Clubs

Discussing All That I Had at your next book club gathering can induce lively conversation on thought-provoking topics that will surely help club members see life through a positive lens.


Now more than ever, organizations are making the shift to a culture of kindness. Encourage your group to read All That I Had and Kathy will visit to talk about her story with lively discussions and visuals to personalize your group’s experience.


People are enthusiastic about Kathy’s inspiring speaking engagements. She connects with her audience in such a captivating and engaging way, that everyone leaves feeling motivated, inspired, and eager to share what they have learned with others.


Crossing Generational Lines

All That I Had Crosses Generational Lines with its Message of Encouragement and Determination


Readers of all ages can find great inspiration by reading this book, as it points them in a direction of experiencing an honest, rewarding, and self-fulfilling life when the focus is upon others rather than only self.

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A Story of Determination Ready to Encourage You

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A Story of Determination Ready to Encourage You


The story stayed with me long after I finished the book! Catherine was my favorite character. It touched me to see such an optimistic woman bear such tragedies and not let them crush her spirit.

The part of the story that touched my heart was when Catherine unexpectedly had something very special be returned to her, something she’d selflessly given up decades earlier.

This deeply moving story has reminded me to not let difficulties in life hold me back or bring me down. Any Hallmark enthusiast would love reading All That I Had.”

-Andrea P.

Member Service Representative VFCU


This beautiful and inspirational story was so interesting for someone my age. I found myself not wanting to put the book down as I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next!

My favorite character, Catherine, was such a picture of perseverance and determination. She sacrificed so much but her strong faith made all the difference in how she faced these challenges. The impact of the story made me think about my priorities, cherishing my family and my wife as much as possible.

My parents, grandparents, and many members I talk to on a daily basis would enjoy reading All That I Had. I hope this wonderful story reaches as many people as possible! I loved reading the book and have given it a home in my library.

-Jeremiah B.

Branch Manager VFCU

Young Professionals

Discover the joy of an honest, rewarding, and self-fulfilling life when the focus is upon others rather than only self.

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“I have chosen this exceptional organization to sponsor. The HCA is near and dear to me and my family, plus the HCA’s work and outstanding reputation aligns with my charitable goals.”

-Kathy Ann Corse


All That I Had

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