March is Irish-American Heritage month and in just a few weeks people across the country will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Here in our hometown this is a holiday that’s taken very seriously. Located just 3 hours from New York City, our community is blessed to be a melting pot for so many nationalities, yet it’s the Irish who’ve established one of the biggest immigrant populations here.

As March 17th approaches, people wait with anticipation and plan ahead for where they’ll be celebrating. Irish spells “good times” and tucked away off the beaten path is the perfect place to declare yourself Irish.

Uncles Place goes above and beyond not only on major holidays but all year round. Their menu offers the best in bar staples and comfort food, both pairing beautifully with the drink selections. Crowd favorites are mouthwatering prime rib, juicy, tender and marbled with fat. Other popular selections are mac and cheese that’s super creamy and crazy cheesy! If you stop in be sure to try “Beef on a Weck.” Originating from Buffalo, New York, this piled high sandwich is a staple. Thinly sliced beef is served aujus, then topped off with a seasoned bun. Daily specials attract a crowd all week long. It’s not surprising that March 17th will be a full house, yet in order for this celebration to be a success it’s going to take much planning and preparation.

Introducing Linda Trusky owner and operator! Coming from an Irish/Italian background this hard working business owner knows exactly what it takes to make things happen. Her years of experience as a flavorful cook combined with her impressive productivity, has earned Linda a positive reputation in the community.

In order to hold up these Irish traditions, Linda and team start the prep work in advance. Since Covid has turned a corner, this years corned beef will far surpass the 450 pounds of brisket served last year. To meet the demand, volunteers line the prep stations, peeling potatoes, slicing carrots and onions. Another crew will wash and wedge cabbage heads. Donned in aprons and gloves, it’s quite the operation.

Linda with her grandchildren Isabella and Mia

While the team carries on with kitchen assignments, Trusky focuses her efforts on her successful catering business. Customers are guaranteed delicious and unique food choices for any occasion. With many deliveries on the calendar, she’s developed needed time management skills. This busy professional has a well planned strategy for follow through and with positive results.

Yet talents are not the only thing that’s earned her much needed respect. What really defines Linda is the genuine interest to make a huge difference in the many lives of the people she meets. Giving back to a place she calls “home” has rewarded her a sense of purpose, while serving the local community.

Linda on a cruise with her husband John and friends

Every year, Uncle’s Place sponsors a Little League team. Funeral dinners are donated on numerous occasions to help grieving families. Through their loss, meals will offer comfort for the living.

As a business owner, special attention is focused on the people who need it most. Firefighters, EMT’s and other front line workers are appreciated through the generous donations of free meals, especially during the pandemic. “Cops for a Cause” is another organization who couldn’t offer services without the help of businesses like Uncle’s Place. “These people put their lives on the line every day keeping our community safe. Many work long shifts and this is our way to show appreciation, says Trusky.”

Giving back is also a great way to get to know the people in your community. And Linda has a long list of friends! Yet all this generosity does not go unnoticed. Longtime customers appreciate and recognize her unparalleled efforts. As this “giver” contributes without the expectation of receiving anything, even during the hardest of times, it’s only natural for kindness to be returned to her.

In the novel “All The I Had” you’ll read about another “giver.” Catherine dedicated her life to serving others and gave generously. Never expecting anything in return, the story has a compelling surprise ending and gives readers much to think about. Yet what exactly is a life of abundance?  The law of abundance should not be surprising but a requisite for a happy life!  Although the story is decades old, it reminds us all that kindness and giving will always play a key role in our lives and the lives of others. 

“No one is useless in the world who lightens the burden of another.” Charles Dickens


During the pandemic Uncles Place took a major hit. To sustain the business through difficult times, the community rallied together with support. Take out orders and new customer referrals came rolling in by the dozens. It was enough to keep the business afloat. Friends and family gladly pitched in, showing again the difference Linda has made in the community.

Much needed relaxation for Linda, John and friends

When she’s not working her favorite all in one vacation is to cruise with her husband, John. Along with friends they sail the open sea. It’s time well spent, while they enjoy some well- deserved fun and relaxation.

One of her greatest joys is being a grandparent! The unconditional love she receives from granddaughters Isabella and Mia makes life worth living.

On March 5th, our area hosted the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade-one of the biggest in the country. Afterwards, attendees and participants flocked to Uncles Place and celebrated with gusto! Together  friends and “new found friends” raised their glasses of Guinness and Irish Whiskey, and toasted the 9th year of Uncles Place under the ownership and direction of Linda Trusky.

The age old traditions continue with a pipe and drum band playing “Amazing Grace and “Scotland the Brave.” Served to the crowd is corned beef and cabbage. Slow-cooked and hearty, one can taste the perfect spices with cabbage that has just a bit of crisp.

As I look around the room, I’m counting my blessings. Thankful to call Linda my good friend, a friend I’ve had for years. Linda, thank you for making a difference in my life and the lives of countless others.

To Linda and all of our readers:

Irish Blessing

“ In thanks for the fullness of days spent together, the friends that we pray, will be with us forever, the feelings we’ve shared , the food and good fun, with faith that God’s blessings have only begun.”

Dear readers, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Continue to look out for one another and stay safe. You all mean so much to me!


Kathy Ann Corse, author


Linda with son Mike, daughter in law Danielle, Isabella and Mia
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