“You Asked, We Listened!” Your requests to publish “All That I Had” as a digital audio book has been a top priority.

We are so excited to announce the release of “All That I Had” in a beautiful, professional audio format! It’s no secret that audio books are on the rise. With social distancing and self-isolation taking its toll, listening to our favorite books offers a certain level of comfort. Put on an audio book and turn off the phone!

My time in the studio has been amazingly rewarding. With headphones on and book in hand, memories flooded back to the many reasons for writing it. A true story written as a tribute to my mom, one of the “richest” people I know and how she chose to live her one remarkable story was an honor. The invitation for readers to turn off the outside noises and take a trip back in time with me was humbly received.

I see now why so many of you asked for the audio version! With-in depth descriptions, listeners can escape daily stress while creating calming mental pictures of the characters and settings.

I invite you to enjoy our audio sample of the introduction of Catherine. We chose the Soundwise audio platform to accommodate our listeners on their PCs as well as their mobile devices.

Soundwise is available at Google Play and in the Apple App Store. If you’re ready to purchase (download) the new audio version click here to get started!

All That I Had” is also available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

As always, 10% from every purchase is lovingly donated to the HCA (formerly the Handicapped Children’s Association).

Readers and friends, thank you again for being such an encouraging audience. I hope you’ll visit our website often for all things new and exciting with Operation All That I Had including inspirational blogs I’ve written “From the Porch Swing.”

In these challenging times, you are all on my heart. Please stay safe and know how much each of you mean to me.

Smiles all around! Happiness can be multiplied by sharing this good news with your friends and family. I hope you’ll enjoy “listening” as much as I’ve enjoyed “narrating”.

Happy Listening!

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