It’s the end of autumn in Upstate NY. Another colorful season has come to pass, and now we must prepare for winter. Here at the homestead, our list of fall chores is a must have, in order to be ready when “Old Man Winter” arrives. The number of tasks remain the same, while the number of participants has gotten smaller. Jordan & Kaitlyn are grown now and living out of the area.

After the gutters have been cleaned, and the patio cushions and garden hose put away, I head to the back yard to plant some bulbs with the promise of yellow daffodils in the spring. The last of the leaves of fall crackle under my feet-winter crisp.

Some might consider these tasks to be unpleasant, adding one more thing to an already full schedule. For me, it’s a guarantee that memories of autumn’s past will return. Good memories. Memories that in today’s uncertain world are worth holding onto and revisiting. Feel good memories bring joy, hope and comfort and they can’t be taken away from us.

Our shed is open to rearrange the lawn mower and snowblower. In addition, the garden tools are stored in the back of the shed, leaving access for the snow shovels. Last but not least, we make space for a timeless treasure, something that has been adorning the backyard each and every summer for many years.

Sitting center stage with candy cotton hydrangea bushes on either side, stands a garden fountain. An outdoor oasis, was a gift, given to me by my son, Jordan. He knows how much I love the tropics, so the pineapple top was very fitting. I can’t remember how old he was at the time, but what I’m certain of is that in order to make this purchase, he must have spent every penny he had. Little did Jordan know what his generous act of kindness did for me.

Whenever I’m gardening, or just relaxing, I love the sounds of the water cascading down over the pineapple. I think of the gift giver and hold him close to my heart. Many years have passed, yet this tranquil addition to our home means so much more than a decorative piece. Knowing Jordan, he’s long forgotten, or has no idea how much joy his thoughtful act has given me over the years. The piece represents kindness, selflessness & love and I’ll cherish the fountain as well as my son for as long as I live.

I’m sure many of you have done similar acts of kindness. Can you remember a few? When we focus on others, in all sorts of ways, we will never know the positive difference it will make on them and on us!
In the story, “All That I Had”, you’ll witness countless acts of giving, that will warm your heart and inspire you, my readers, in such a positive way. The main character, Catherine is 97 today and still lives a life filled with doing good deeds for others. In her mind, her life is filled with abundance and she’s one of the happiest people I know.

An easy read, the story takes place right around this time of year. With a warm throw, a hot beverage and a comfy couch, settle in and be inspired!

As we are heading in to a “season of giving” and prepare for winter, perhaps there’s something or someone that you can gift with an act of kindness. Big or small, the difference made will be worth the investment.

I’m so grateful to all of you who took the time to read my autumn blog. Take care and stay safe!

Kathy Ann

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