When you think of the fall season, what comes to mind? For many it’s pumpkins, mums, apple pie, homemade soup and sweater weather. For others, it’s the cozy, comfort feelings that the cool weather brings-a warm fire, a soft throw and a good book.

One of my favorite fall memories, is to embrace the vibrant palette of leaf colors. The rich scarlet’s and golden marigolds calls for a drive in the country or a walk in the park.

As the leaves are changing quickly in parts of the country, don’t you wish these treasures could be preserved at their peak colors?

While on a recent drive, I was hit with some nostalgia. There were many good memories from my childhood, and this one took place in October of every year. Just when the leaves were at it’s peak, mom would gather us in the kitchen to preserve our favorite picks. A project that was not expensive, nor required a lot of planning, she always set aside time for us to be together. I close my eyes and the scene is as vivid as the colorful leaves, including the smell of hot wax.

It was a tradition that I passed on to my own children. Living in a neighborhood adorned with sugar maple, birch, oak and red maple trees we had a wonderful selection of leaves to choose from. It’s an easy project, and even today I still have some of Kaitlyn and Jordan’s specially preserved fall treasures.

With much stress and anxiety in our world, consider trading in some difficult times to make a wonderful memory. It will last for years to come-some recollections filled with laughs, some will bring tears, and most positive memories assure us just how much we were loved.

Do you have a positive memory(s) to help weather the storms of life?

Here’s an invitation to make Wax Autumn Leaves:

Items needed:

  • Cut Rite Wax Paper
  • Dish towels-2 (not too thick)
  • Hot iron and ironing board
  • Your favorite leaves

Lay a dish cloth on an ironing board or safe surface. On top of the cloth, arrange leaves on a piece of wax paper. Lay another piece of wax paper on top of the leaves. Cover wax paper on top with another dish towel.

Using a hot iron, go over the top dish towel until the wax paper inside fuses together. Keep checking, takes about 2-5 minutes on each side.

These pieces of art can be used as place mats, window light catchers and gifts for friends and family.

They never grow old, only become more valuable and cherished.

Happy Autumn! Kathy

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