The autumn season in Upstate New York is a such a beautiful time of year. Our sizzling summer weather is gone yet there’s still plenty of days left to enjoy nature and the colorful foliage. Road trips offer an opportunity to view the most spectacular scenery before the chill of winter arrives. Crisp air, hot cider, pumpkins, and apple picking are some of the many things I enjoy. It’s also a season that creates a sense of warmth, comfort, and reflection.


Fall is also one of the most popular times of the year to join a book club or start one of your own. As the weather turns cooler, it’s a great activity to look forward to and a great opportunity to connect and make new friends. The club can be an intimate group of just a few members or a much larger gathering.

Most book clubs will meet once a month. As it is impossible to find a date that will work for everyone’s schedule, times are planned in advance, so folks have plenty of opportunity to sync their calendars.

There are many places where book clubs can meet. Public common areas like library community rooms, parks or bookstores offer a nice setting. Coffee shops are also a great place to gather while enjoying pumpkin lattes, or a rich cup of coffee. If you live near a winery, often the owners will reserve a room for the club members to use while sampling wines and discussing the latest book. Some folks are most comfortable in a home setting where members can take turns offering their residence for one of the monthly discussions. A simple dessert of apple crisp or pumpkin pie can set the tone for a lovely fall evening.


Some book clubs will blend their monthly get-togethers with a combination of in person and online meetings. Group communication and reminders can be simplified with a Facebook page, an email list or texting.

Successful book clubs will also recognize and respect members by starting and ending their meet ups on time.

Since publishing “All That I Had” many book clubs have chosen to read the special story as their book of the month. They selected this non-fiction story based on the following criteria:


All That I Had was written for a broad audience. It is a true story that crosses generational lines making for interesting discussions. The story has been given a 5-star review from readers!


It is an easy read, and will not overwhelm the reader, but offer a sense of peace and encouragement in a busy, stressful world. It is a story that is enjoyed 12 months out of the year!


The reading level will attract a variety of club members.



The price is very affordable. A portion of the $11.95 per book cost goes towards our charity of focus: The HCA (formerly known as the Handicapped Children’s Association.)



All That I Had” is available in soft cover, Kindle and audio version.



Members can choose to read or listen to the book prior to meeting.



The publication date is October 2019. Books are readily available.


As the author, I’ve been asked to be a guest speaker for many book clubs. Getting together with some of the nicest people, we enjoy discussing a story that I’m passionate about. It is “time well spent”! Humbly, I’ve read dozens of positive reviews (many on the website) while hearing how the story is making a genuine difference for others. Recently a woman told me “Since reading your book, it’s made me want to be a better person.”

Scott Fitzgerald said: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” This autumn, embrace change and join or start a book club! It’s a perfect way to surround yourself with people you enjoy. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends!

I look forward to hearing from so many of you who have chosen “All That I Had” for your fall reading. Autumn is the season to be thankful and I’m so thankful for each of you!

Be safe, look out for one another and know how much I appreciate all of you!


Happy Autumn!


Kathy Ann Corse, author


To learn more about purchasing “All That I Had” for your next book club or to schedule a book signing, please contact Kathy or call/text: 607.624.2120

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