On May 9th of this year our country will be celebrating Mother’s Day. For decades it’s been a day which recognizes women who gave birth to a child. Since then, we’ve discovered that there are MANY more women who deserve to be included on Mother’s Day.

Doesn’t it make sense to include the women who have shown us love and support? Aunts, godmothers, family, friends, sisters etc. Perhaps someone who’s helped you become the person you are? By looking around us, we will see that there are many deserving women to be honored and remembered on this holiday. They are important and valued.

Mother’s Day can also be a difficult day. It is said,”There is no greater love than that between a mother and child…and no greater grief.” For a mother with a child in Heaven, it can be a bittersweet time for her and for the family. As grieving families, each must find their own ways to continue to live with loss.

Preparing for my May articles, I selected and interviewed two of my dearest friends. I am humbled by these mothers and consider it a blessing to spend time with people who have endured one of life’s greatest tragedies. Both women have lost a child, yet through their adversity and remarkable strength, have found ways to honor and remember their sons.

Today I would like to introduce you to these two amazing families.

A Mother’s Day Story: Honoring Collin

A Mother’s Day Story, Adam: A Life Well Lived

Blessings to all mothers,

Kathy Ann Corse

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