Although my daughter lives on the opposite side of the country, I’m able to keep in touch with her regularly thanks to technology. Whenever I hear from Kaitlyn my whole attitude improves almost instantly. There’s nothing better than warm chatter and laughter, especially with someone who knows how to lift your spirits. Can you think a person who does that for you?

Even though 2021 was another difficult year, we remembered some of the greatest memories that we’ll bring along for 2022.  It was interesting how we stayed connected even though many miles separated us. These special experiences sustained our family and I was so grateful that Kaitlyn took the time to remind me.

As an executive well-being and burnout coach, Kaitlyn devotes her time in helping clients who feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and struggle to keep up with daily demands. She’s witnessed a huge increase in clients needing support, especially during the past few years. Her success comes from working in high-caliber workplaces, and she knows first-hand the challenges of corporate life. Ivy league education, experience and training is impressive and while this coach delivers exceptional results, there’s much more to attribute to her client’s well-being.

From medical professionals to military, corporate executives, teachers and first responders, her attitude and passion remain the same for each individual. Kaitlyn’s ability to listen well and clearly communicate with her clients has earned this young professional high praise.

On January 14th, Kaitlyn offered her community the gift of a “2021 Honor & Celebrate Session.” The 30-minute, 1 on 1 sessions by phone gave each client the opportunity to share the highs and lows of this past year.

During this time, there was a chance to Celebrate what was positive, joyful or wonderful as well as any accomplishments that happened. The session moved forward to Honor what was stressful or hard. Desire & Anticipate concluded the call with positive anticipation and dreams for 2022, including ways for each client to nourish themselves.

No doubt you could do this reflection on your own. Would the results be any different? To be heard and understood and to share what was important with their coach made a difference. The respect and trust that each recipient felt for their leader was worth its weight in gold and time well spent.

Since we’d all like to hear what the results were, I’ve included a segment from Kaitlyn Lyons, CEO of Delightful Movement Coaching:

“We exclaimed and clapped and laughed at our wins. We went quiet and took deep reverent breaths for the losses.

It ALL matters. Encountering our lives and our humanity. Whether life feels “good’ or “bad” is not so important, as long as we bring attention to life and honor fully what’s happening.

So, what did I learn from spending a whole day honoring and celebrating with people?

People are craving real connection, positivity, celebration and reflection.

2021 was better than people thought. Covid made it feel meh, but so much goodness was waiting to be remembered and celebrated.

For a few people, it was a big deal to show up. They rarely take time for themselves. Spaciousness for reflection, with the spotlight on them, was a real gift.

Building relationships and spending time with loved ones was a consistent theme. People were grateful for long overdue reunions and also had big realizations of where they want to build and improve relationships.

Many great things happened in 2021 despite the pandemic: extended time off, road trips, cherished time with loved ones, lessons learned, satisfying projects, new jobs, promotions, births, better health, and deep healing.

A gift of dark times is to turn us towards what matters most.

I know that many of us are Really weary right now, but we can still make things happen that MATTER.

We can still nourish our lives with attention and intention. And it’s easier to do it together.

To those of you who participated, thank you! I loved being with you and looking at your life together.

Thank you for honoring and celebrating with me!”

To Kaitlyn, thank you for helping so many of us have a better quality of life. You are valued and appreciated!

Dear Readers, my wish for each of you in 2022 is to surround yourselves with positive people and connections.  Do you need help? If you’re afraid to look ahead then look right next to you. That’s where you’ll find people like Kaitlyn who can share their well-being and happiness with you! It’s your turn and your time.

Stay well and be sure to look out for one another!


All my best for 2022,

Kathy Ann Corse, Author


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